Justin Combs

Artloft is a fine art sales and consultancy service directed by art consultant Justin Combs. Over the past fifteen years Justin has been selling art and providing consultancy advice to both private and commercial clients. Artloft's services include:

  1. Fine art sales: Artloft sells a range of quality pieces from both Australian and international artists. These include works by Tim Storrier, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen, Michael Leunig, Richard Hamilton, and Arthur Boyd.
  2. Personal Service: Justin prides himself on the personal attention he gives to each client and has received consistently positive feedback for his approach. Justin enjoys talking with clients about the artworks they are considering and is very happy to answer questions from both new and experienced collectors.
  3. Education: Justin provides a boutique educational service to his clients which serves both as an introduction to general art history and as a focus on current developments. This includes private gallery walking tours and visits to artist's studios.
  4. Facilitation: Artloft is able to assist its clients to meet a wide range of their art needs. This involves assisting clients with their requirements for framing, valuation, storage, insurance, hanging, and transportation.
  5. Advice: For both corporate and private clients. This can range from assisting new collectors who are getting started to sourcing high-end work for established collections.
  6. Private Sales: Artloft can conduct private sales for its clients. If you have a work you are interested in selling please contact us.