Storrier's 'Impedimenta collection'

8 May 2017 0 comments

A stunning new collection of Tim Storrier sculptures has just been released.

The 'Impedimenta Collection' consists of a life-sized statue (edition of 5), an intermediate-sized work (edition of 12) and a 32cm high maquette (edition of 50).

The bronze sculptures are beautifully detailed. Please email me if you would like to receive a digital brochure displaying the collection.

I have uploaded a photo showing each of the works on the Storrier page of this website.


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Evening Run by Storrier

10 Jan 2017 0 comments

A beautiful Storrier painting - 'Evening Run' - has been added to the stockroom. Please click on the enquiry button above the image of the painting if you would like to know more about this wonderful work.

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Leunig's Man with fish

8 Mar 2016 1 comments

If you would like to see how brilliantly Michael Leunig can paint with a deceptively simple line check out the new painting 'Man with fish' just added to the website!

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20 June 2016 | Janette wrote:

Michael's collaboration with Gaya was a creative brillance.

Leunig Brush Drawings

10 Jul 2014 0 comments

We have some wonderful new brush drawings by Michael Leunig that are new to stock. They can be viewed in the drawings section of the artist's display page.

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Jason Benjamin: New drawings

15 May 2014 1 comments

I have just added images of two Jason Benjamin drawings to the stockroom.

These are simply exquisite pieces and will be appreciated by connoisseurs of works on paper.

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16 May 2014 | Justin Combs wrote:

Just to add that we now have just two stunning landscape drawings by Jason Benjamin as well - Post History I & II.

New Leunig Paintings

5 Dec 2013 0 comments

Two new paintings by Michael Leunig can now be viewed in the paintings section of the Leunig page on the website.

'Free Fall (I)' and 'Bird Play (II)' feature classic Leunig imagery and come in a high quality box frame.

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Storrier work on paper

4 Oct 2013 0 comments

Storrier is a masterly creator of works on paper but in my experience one-off works don't become available that often on the primary market these days. That is why I am very excited to be able to offer 'Night Embers'. It's a stunning piece. I have loaded it up for viewing in the paintings section of the Storrier page to distinguish it from the prints and have noted that the medium is acrylic on paper. If you would like to know more about this piece send me an email via the contact page.

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Storrier and the sea

19 Jun 2012 0 comments

Tim Storrier is often associated with his 'fire' paintings. However he is also a brilliant painter of the ocean. We have three stunning Storrier sea paintings currently available which can be viewed in the Tim Storrier paintings section in the stockroom. These are ideally seen at a larger file size than we usually display on the website so please contact me and I can arrange to email larger images out individually.

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Tim Maguire Prints

13 Jun 2012 0 comments

Four stunning Tim Maguire prints have been added to the stockroom section of the website under. To view click on 'Tim Maguire' in the artist's panel or the relevant thumbnail for the artist in the stockroom section. The prints are titled:

Lago di Como I
Lago di Como II
Villa d'Este

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Charles Blackman - The Orpheus Suite

9 Jun 2012 0 comments

Charles Blackman's 'The Orpheus Suite' was published as a set of limited edition, signed, hand-printed collagraphs from around 1998-2000. Several of the prints are now hard to find so I am very pleased to announce that I have a complete set available. The prints are available individually but I would also consider an offer for the complete set. Images of the prints for sale can be viewed in the 'Charles Blackman' section of the stockroom.

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