Leunig's Desert Song Man

12 Feb 2016 0 comments

I've added two vibrant new paintings by Leunig to the website - Man with dogs and Desert Song Man.

These can be viewed on the Leunig page in the stockroom. Email me for price details etc.

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New Storrier Painting

22 Mar 2013 0 comments

'Full moon over the night road' by Tim Storrier is painted on a 76 x 152 cm sized canvas. I would describe this as a classic Storrier - coals burn below an evening sky which features the brilliant arc of a comet. The image can be viewed in the paintings section of the Storrier page on this website.

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More on Storrier's Archibald Win...

19 Jun 2012 0 comments

I have recently written a brief background to Tim Storrier's 2012 Archibald Prize winning portrait and thought it would be useful to post it here as I often get contacted by people wanting to know more about a particular artist and their work...

The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch) by Tim Storrier:

The title of this work references a painting by the Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch. Storrier worked on the portrait over 2011-12 completing it just prior to its entry in the 2012 Archibald prize.

The work is part of an important series within the artist's oeuvre, the 'In absentia' paintings.

Rather than being traditional portraits this series explores the recognition or memory of a person through the portrayal of their clothing and accumulated (but often incidental) possessions. The resulting images evoke a simultaneous sense of presence and loss.

Smudge, the artist's faithful companion was a late addition to the portrait. Storrier was initially reluctant to put the dog in as he was concerned it might be seen as some sort of trick. But he became convinced that her presence would add balance to the painting: she is looking in the opposite direction to the main figure and her gaze is directed at a paper sketch of the artist borne in the wind.

Smudge initially belonged to a tutor of Storrier's children and lived at the local school. Sadly she ate 'Scooter' the guinea pig and was sent to the pound. The artist's children were distraught that ''Midgey was sent to the pound because she ate Scooter'' and implored him to rescue her. A phone call was placed to Margaret, the wonderful and kind lady who 'rebirths' dogs at the Bathurst Pound. Not one to miss an opportunity to place one of her renegade charges she was over straight away with Midgey on an 'approval only' basis. The dog stayed.

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Tim Storrier - Archibald & Wynne Prize

16 Mar 2012 6 comments

Congratulations to Tim Storrier whose painting ' 'The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch) ' has been accepted as a finalist in the 2012 Archibald Prize.

Storrier's painting 'The Dalliance' has also been accepted as a finalist in the 2012 Wynne Prize which will show alongside the Archibald in Sydney. This work features a stunning landscape above which floats a helix-shaped array of flowers while a comet arcs across the sky.

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28 March 2012 | Justin Combs - Artloft wrote:

The Art Gallery of NSW website has now uploaded an image of Tim Storrier's 'The Dalliance'

Storrier's Archibald entry 'The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)' can also be viewed on the website.


30 March 2012 | Justin Combs - Artloft wrote:

Congratulations to Tim Storrier who has won the 2012 Archibald Prize with his superb painting 'The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)'!

1 April 2012 | Ryan C. wrote:

Congratulations to Mr Storrier. Can anyone please tell me what medium his winning painting was done in? What date would I put on the painting? I am doing an art assignment and can't find this information anywhere.
Ryan, Lockhart

1 April 2012 | Justin Combs wrote:

Thanks Ryan.

Tim Storrier has been working on the 'The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)' over the past year but I will need to check with him to see if the painting was finally completed in 2011 or 2012. The medium is acrylic on (linen) canvas.


3 April 2012 | Justin Combs - Artloft wrote:

Hello again Ryan. I just checked with Tim Storrier about the dating of 'The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)'. Storrier worked on the painting over the last year and it was completed in 2012 - so the correct dating of the painting should read 2011-12.


3 June 2012 | Gamze wrote:

You really saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

'Goodwill': painting by Leunig available

3 Nov 2010 1 comments

A wonderful new painting by Michael Leunig has just come into stock. This brightly coloured work is painted on linen and was featured in the 2010 'Leunig Calendar. The painting can be view in the 'Paintings' section of the Leunig page in the stockroom section.

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29 November 2010 | Justin Combs - Artloft wrote:

Just an update to say that this Leunig painting has sold. Please e-mail me at if you would like to know when new Leunig paintings come into stock.

Tim Storrier Monograph

30 Aug 2010 0 comments

A major monograph on the work of Tim Storrier has been published this year. The book is called 'Tim Storrier: Moments'. It shoud be available in most hight quality bookshops but if you are having trouble finding it the gallery store at the Queensland Art Gallery has it available online. Here is their overview:

Tim Storrier: Moments

Edmund Capon, Ken McGregor, William Wright and Jenny Zimmer
332 pages hardcover colour

Tim Storrier, among Australia's most highly regarded and best-selling painters, remains enigmatic. His paintings, which combine the traditional genres of landscape and still-life, executed at a masterly level, are at once beautiful and frightening. Edmund Capon, Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, has observed that Tim Storriers visions and sensibilities are acute responses to his place, to the flat landscape of Australia in which the horizon is low and the sky is vast. But Storrier's treatment of the landscape is quite unique often animated by a blazing fire-line or used as a stage-set for capturing memories and intimations of human mortality.

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Tim Storrier - Four Paintings

22 Mar 2010 0 comments

Four Tim Storrier paintings are new to the stockroom. Please click on the 'Tim Storrier' link in the artists or stockroom sections and then go to the paintings page to view.

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Tim Maguire

13 May 2009 0 comments

Tim Maguire has recently had an exhibition of his work open at the Shanghai University Gallery along with various sites in the Caoyang precinct. This is a public arts project initiated by Shanghai University Fine Arts College.

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Euan Macleod

19 Sep 2008 1 comments

Euan Macleod is currently having an exhibition of his work in Leipzeg, Germany along with the Australian artist Shonah Trescott as part of the Leipzeg International Art Programme. The exhibition has been extended to October 15th. One can understand how his highly expressive works would be appreciated in Europe. The latest issue of the magazine 'Artist Profile' has an in-depth interview with Macleod which is well worth reading.

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3 February 2009 | zax wrote:

i like art

Sidney Nolan Retrospective 2

11 Mar 2008 0 comments

The Sidney Nolan retrospective has moved on to Melbourne. I noticed a least one review in the Melbourne press that put forward the view that after the brilliant early works Nolan became a cynical painter. In my opinion this is just plain wrong. Time after time throughout his whole career Sidney Nolan produced paintings of stunning power. In common with many prolific artists Nolan produced his share of lesser works. But even when you compare these pieces to the work of his contemporaries you see what an extraordinary imagination he had as an artist.

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